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Posted Oct 09, 2021  
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Region: Lagos
City: Alimosho
There are three types of Diabetes: TYPE 1- which is not too prevalent among people because it is simply inability of the pancreas cells to secret Insulin (ZERO INSULIN LEVEL) in the blood that metabolizes sugar when it is release into the blood stream. TYPE 2- is the most common type of diabetes over 90% of Diabetes patient in Nigeria and the world suffer from this type, which is as a result of low or inadequate insulin secretion in the body and the third one is Gestational Diabetes that 95% of pregnant women suffer from..
We at STAYHEALTHY CONSULTING had dedicated over 10 years into the research of the cause and effect of Diabetes and had come to know the different degree of the ailment and its progression. We have finally come up ways of preventing, maintaining and curing it, which is relative with people on following our directions and prescriptions.
BALSAM PEAR TEA: This acts directly on the excess sugar causing damage to the blood cells and impedes the resultants effect of Mouth desiccation (dryness) causes thirstiness and excessive hunger.
GLUCO-BLOCK- Acts on the B Cells of the pancreases in ensuring the storage and release of adequate insulin for the metabolism of sugar in the blood.
ZINC- Zinc binds more rapidly with insulin and ensures fast secretion of insulin into the blood when sugar enters it and helps insulin to bind with the cells and opens the door so that glucose can enter. It inhibits the cells to be insulin resistance which is the leading cause of the severe complications of diabetes.
Contact us to detailed information and get your health status from our array of sophisticated body diagnostic analyzers and scanners that reveals both prevailing and hidden illness in the body at affordable rate. Home services are on a special arrangement and base on some special circumstances. FAST RELIEVE AND CURE GUARANTEED.


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