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Remote Controlled Boom Barrier - 6m By Hiphen Solutions Services Ltd.

Computer Services in Benin City

Posted Jul 08, 2020  
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Region: Edo
City: Benin City
Product Description

1. Normal speed of closing/opening: 2 /3 / 4 sec. optional

2. Straight boom arm with rubber bar, Max.length following:

6m for 4 sec. & without anti-collision

4m for 4 sec. & with anti-collision

5m for 3 sec. & without anti-collision

4m for 3 sec. & with anti-collision

4m for 2 sec.

3. Inclusive of arm ×1 and push button ×1 which opens/closes barrier

4. Exclusive of LED light bar,remoter, boom bracket,anti-collision: need to buy extrally

5. Optional housing color as yellow (default)/ orange / white / blue

6. Optional boom arm direction as leftward/rightward

100% duty cycle operation with 5 million MTBF
Free-maintenance torque motor ensures 100% duty cycle operation with 5 million MTBF. The torque motor is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and maintenance-free. No current shock and overheating while working, it protects the controller and prolong its lifetime.

Easy installation and maintenance reduces your labor cost
Simple structure and no limit switch design ensures easy installation and maintenance which reduce your labor cost

Heavy-duty, weather-proof and simple-design housing
The housing adopts 2mm precise machining cold-rolled plate and static electricity sprayed anti-UV surface which is non-scale and unfading, conformed to the IP54 dustproof and waterproof. Simple design also decorates your premises.

Automatic self-checks errors
The system always automatically self-checks operation status and reports errors shown on the LED tube of the controller

Sine lever drive mechanism ensures smooth landing of boom without shaking
The patented precise casting sine lever drive mechanism enables the boom arm moves from slow to fast when it starts, and fast to slow when it stops. This will effectively reduce the shaking of the boom arm and allay the burden of the electrical motor, so that the lifetime of the motor and mechanical components will be greatly prolonged.

Boom to automatically open up fully or close down in case of power failure
If power is suddenly off while boom closing, boom will automatically close down fully if the angle between boom and vertical plane beyond 45 degree. If power failure occurs during boom opening, boom will automatically continue to open up fully if the angle between boom and level surface beyond 45 degrees.

Anti-collision protects boom arm (optional)
Anti-collision protects the boom arm not to be damaged once boom arm was collided by a vehicle.

Safety of "Anti-hit" ---Loop Detector
While barrier boom moving down, If a coming vehicle was detected to be existing on the ground induction coil, the arm will go back to vertical position immediately until loop input was dismissed and then the arm will go down immediately.

Safety of "Anti-hit" ---Prior to opening
If a vehicle is coming while boom arm moving down, the boom arm will immediately go back to vertical position once loop detector is trigged by the vehicle or manual commands is given by guard, which protect the vehicle not to be hit by boom arm.

Safety of "Anti-hit"---Rebound upon obstacle
While moving down, boom arm will immediately go back to vertical position once it is obstructed by an imposed force, which protects the vehicle or person not to be hit by boom arm. The sensitivity is adjustable.

Safety of "Anti-hit"----Infra Red (optional)
While moving down after vehicle passed, boom arm will immediately go back to vertical position once the IR transmission between the receiver and transmitter was blocked by a vehicle or person, which protects the vehicle or person not to be hit by boom arm.

Manual control in case of no power
Once power is off, just open the cabinet and manually control the barrier by a gear mechanism. Also barrier boom can be manually locked in any position between horizontal and vertical, the lock status will remain until unlock manually.

Automatic closing after the given time
The barrier will automatically close after given time (1-99 seconds adjustable) if there is no vehicle passed after barrier open.

Automatically close by Loop Detector (optional)
If loop detector is installed, after vehicle passed the barrier will automatically close once the loop input was triggered

Automatically open by Loop Detector (optional)
If loop detector is installed, when barrier boom is in horizontal position, the barrier boom will go up immediately once the loop input was triggered

Always-open mode
If ‘open’ command keep working (by continuously pressing “open“ button) or RS485 command was set at always-open mode, the barrier will ignore all ‘close’ command and stay at the vertical position , unless the status changed.

Optional controlling way
There are three ways to control the barrier’s movement, namely, push button, remote-control and RS485 serial command.

Transparent plastic covers on Control Board
A transparent plastic covers on the Control Board to makes Control Board water proof and dust proof, also protects operator.

Anti-condensation in cold climate
The barrier remains low power consumption even without closing and opening input, which will keep the motor in normal temperature. The lubricant will not be frozen so that the barrier will keep working in frozen environment.

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